Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On the new Darmok.

So yesterday, this happened:

Afshin:  it just occurred to me right now
  that that shaka, when the walls fell episode
  our use of photo macros to make memes
  that's the same fucking thing
  we show a picture of grumpy cat, and two words carry way more meaning.
me:  Holy shit.
  That's brilliant.

Being the jobless nerd that I am, I couldn't wait to share this revelation with the Twitterverse.  Tom was swift to answer the call, and the three of us spent the next hour or so spitballing a number of phrases to be used in #thenewDarmok.

Boromir, far from Mordor:  An admonition that the task ahead is more difficult than it might seem.
Ermahgerd Girl, her hands full:  Great excitement and delight, foolish giddiness.
Fry, his eyes squinting:  Skepticism.
Greg blazing, smiling:  A kind, charitable act.
McKayla on the podium:  A state of nonplussment, unimpressed.
Morpheus, his visage calm:  Revelation, realization of a new concept.
Picard, his arm outstretched:  Encouragement, a spur to action.
Steve, hat sideways, eyes wanting:  Unethical behavior, particularly moochery.
Tard, her brow furrowed:  Displeasure.
Tard, her eyes wide:  Extreme displeasure, revulsion.
Vader in the ocean:  Futility, a hopeless or purposeless endeavor.

Now, I'm not nearly as up on my memes as I should be, so I'm certain there's a ton of others to be crafted.  Let's hear it, internet!  We've got a whole new idiomic language to create.

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